I’m please to announce that I am now working in partnership with the Oxford Floatation Centre | Holistic Therapies Oxford to offer Hypno-Floating to all my wonderful clients.

Hypno-Floating combines Float Therapy with Hypnotherapy

This therapeutic approach creates the potential for deeper relaxation, enhancing the power of hypnosis and by doing so improving mental and physical wellbeing.

The deep state of relaxation facilitated by floating in water, along with hypnotic suggestions delivered by the hypnotherapist, creates the ideal state to bring everlasting positive changes into one’s life.

Hypno-floating is a fantastic option for people who struggle to relax and “switch off” or who have noticed a decline in their state of health and wellbeing.

For more information on what to expect from Hypno-Floating and to book a session contact hello@elisabettalichyhypnotherapy.co.uk or visit my contact page: https://elisabettalichyhypnotherapy.co.uk/contact/