Sessions & Prices


Initial Consultation 40 mins £40 Recommended N. of Sessions
General Therapy Sessions 60 mins £60 10-12 Sessions
Phobia Sessions 60 mins £60 3 Sessions
Stop Smoking Sessions 90 mins £90 1 Session
Hypno-Floating 60 mins £90 1 Session

Stop smoking is a one-off session that does not require an initial consultation.


For initial consultation we will send you a payment link at the time of booking.
For therapy, payment is made at the end of each session for the next session in advance.
We can take cash and all major credit or debit cards, you will pay the hypnotherapist directly for your session appointments.

Terms & Conditions

Missed appointments or appointments which are rescheduled with less than 36hrs notice are chargeable at the full fee.
This is further clarified at our initial meeting & is a minimum requirement to ensure fairness to other clients who may need that appointment and to the venue renting out the therapy rooms.

Exceptions can be made for emergencies in the case of genuine sudden illness, but we are unable to accommodate employers’ changes to working patterns with short notice or childcare issues or transport issues.
Essentially, appointments need to be kept making the necessary progress with your recovery.

Most sessions are for one hour and any lateness cannot be accommodated by adding additional time to the end of the sessions due to the impact on other clients.

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