Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Elisabetta is a highly intuitive therapist who will take you on the path of self-discovery filled with self-respect and gratitude. Hypnotherapy is the most positive therapy I have experienced, which allows you to focus your energy on the positive aspects of your life and make the conscious shift towards the happier, healthier, trauma free You. Hypnotherapy is really a deep, tailored relaxation where you have full control , whilst allowing yourself to dive deep into your subconscious mind to heal, and simply be happy. I love the sessions and the empowering feeling afterwards. It gives you the tools that you can deploy whenever you need it. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes simply to feel better and or overcome life challenges. This is the skill for life.

Depression and low self-esteem

I have really enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions with Elisabetta over the last two months. Her soothing voice made me feel very calm and relaxed. The sessions are unhurried and Elisabetta is always punctual. Elisabetta especially has a wonderful way of explaining the psychological aspects of the therapy in a way that is easy to understand. I think this is a very important part of the work she does with the client. I feel I have gained an understanding into hypnotherapy together with the sessions which are extremely therapeutic to experience. The help I needed was always addressed in each of the sessions and I was also given an audio session to listen to at my leisure. I think the audio to do at home helps immensely to complement the live or zoom sessions of the therapy.

Productivity and creativity blockage

I asked Elisabetta for help with my writing productivity. I had ideas and even some free time but for some reason I found it almost impossible to actually get started. Through the sessions with Elisabetta, which were very relaxing, and the accompanying life coaching, I found the will to move forward and start writing. I’ve also got to understand myself a little more. I’d certainly recommend the sessions for anyone that needs – and is ready – for some help.

Relationships issues and OCD

I came to Elisabetta after experiencing problems in my relationships. I seemed to follow the same patterns, and couldn’t identify what the problems were, how to break these patterns and make changes for the better. Elisabetta really seemed to understand the root of the problem. She made me feel relaxed and I was always coming back from trance with a feeling of being free. Understanding the triggers and where my anxieties stem from, helped me make steps to break free of the problematic routines of the past. My therapy was supposed to just be about relationships; however, Elisabetta made me see why I was struggling with other areas of my life during times of stress. Just like in relationships, I was aiming to please people and feeling like a failure when I couldn’t fix everything. I’m now much more confident and comfortable with who I am, I understand my feelings more and I can set boundaries. I’ve become calmer in my mood and positive when reflecting on particular issues.